Blogging with IPFS

LibreBlogging is an open source and hassle-free tool that enables you to set up a simple blog on IPFS in no time.

Find current ideas and issue status here: LibreBlogging on GitHub:

The benefits of publishing on IPFS are:

  • Content is not censorable, as content is not hosted in a single place or by a company.
  • Economical, as you don’t need to spend much money on hosting. You just need a small node to run IPFS on.
  • Scalability, as your content is cached and distributed also by other IPFS users that read your content.

However, from a content creators perspective there are certain things that make publishing on IPFS rather difficult in comparison to regular blogging platforms:

  • Your content is not addressed using handy domains, but through hashes that look like this: QmTPixNxp6y3iWs2i5BTcv6EzNsX3MaEty1Yys2Nm4W8JD
  • Every time you add or change content, you get a new or changed hash sigh
  • If you want an immutable address for your blog for sharing you can have one, the IPNS hash of your node. However, that’s still a hash…
  • Everytime your blog changes, your blog root will have a new hash that needs to be published to IPNS.

With LibreBlogging we try to come over these hassles and make it simple and easy to have a blog on IPFS while staying as decentralized as possible.

What is it about?